Thursday, March 10, 2011

JG & CH Graun: Concerti - Capella Academica Frankfurt

Johann Gottlieb & Carl Heinrich Graun
Capella Academica Frankfurt
CPO 777 321-2

Google translation:

Expressive Concerts of the Graun brothers. During his lifetime included the brothers Graun as "fiery Instrumentalcomponisten" the most famous, well above Berlin and Potsdam also known musicians. A varied program with CD "Concerti" features the brothers Graun our latest CD. Here they are with technical virtuosity and rhythmic finesse igniting formulations in her element. In the concerti, allowing all the stylistic language of the transitional period between the high Baroque and so-called "classical music related. " Unfortunately, the works because of the short notes "del Sig re Graun" or "di Graun" is not always clear one or the other. Nevertheless, the audience of the immense diversity and good color of concert music from the mid-18th Century in its varied facets dazzling stylistic definitely enjoy, even if it is not the author with a hundred percent certainty.

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