Friday, March 18, 2011

Fux: Ouvertures - Il Fondamento, Paul Dombrecht

Johann Joseph Fux
Il Fondamento, Paul Dombrecht
Passacaille 905

Born approximately 25 years before Bach, Johann Joseph Fux was Austria's number one baroque personality in the early eighteenth century. He wrote hundreds of instrumental and vocal works during his lifetime, the contents of this CD representing just four orchestral suites of the great number he composed. The B flat sinfonia and G minor suite are from his spectacular publication of 1701, "Concentus Musico Instrumentalis", and together with the D minor and B flat ouvertures they represent a wonderful and addictive set of recordings. I decided to buy this CD after becoming fascinated by the Fasch Ouvertures also with Il Fondamento, and was not disappointed when I began playing this CD. The unique sound of Paul Dombrecht and the other musicians really shows through here, creating something truly outstanding in quality and in musicianship; the style is one which effectively brings to life the wonderful and original style of Fux in a "light" manner - the sound being authentic due to the period instruments and not at all laboured as with so many other recordings of music from the period. Very highly recommended for anyone interested in Baroque music, or indeed anyone wishing to listen to something not spoiled by over-exposure.

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