Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beck: Symphonies Op.3 3-5 - La Stagione Frankfurt, Schneider

Franz Ignaz Beck
Symphonies Op.3 Nos. 3-5
La Stagione Frankfurt, Michael Schneider
CPO 777 390-2

Schneider makes the symphonies of full pelvic discontinuity, making music full of sudden change of expression, the volume and tone, the listener so that electrified every motive, every orchestra beat, every melody followed. That this music sound so sophisticated, in the rhythm so infectious and the expression can be so upsetting that they compare with Mozart or Beethoven, no need to fear, proves La Stagione Frankfurt. Sound: clear, wide dynamic contrasts, clear outlines.

Google translation of a review in the german magazine FonoForum. Read the original review in german here.

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