Monday, February 14, 2011

Bach suites for solo cello nº 1 & 4 (BWV1007, 1010): János Starker (LP transfer)

Throughout his career, János Starker has recorded Bach's suites for solo cello on five occasions. This one, part of the (incomplete) first set from the early 1950s when Starker was in his twenties, shows his characteristic energy and technical mastery, grace, thought, and eloquence.

I've never seen it online anywhere, and am fortunate to have a friend who could rip my LP (which has accompanied me through many relocations over 40 years). There are perhaps three dozen people in the entire world who might be really interested in this one; if you happen to know any of them, please pass it on! (Another option, of course, is to listen to it yourself.)

Bach Suites No 1 in G major, No 4 in E flat major
János Starker, cello
Period SPL 582 (same as Nixa PLP 582, Saga XID 5167, and the Einsätz EZCD 006 transfer from the Nixa LP)
Early 1950s, monoaural
.flac, .cue, covers

For collectors and completists:
The second part of this set comprises suites 3 and 6 (BWV1009, 1012) and can be downloaded (in .flac or .wav format) from the European Archive:

The Period label apparently ran into economic problems, and suites 2 and 5 were never recorded.

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