Monday, September 19, 2011

Veracini: Sonate Accademiche - The Locatelli Trio, Wallfisch

Francesco Maria Veracini
Sonate Accademiche
The Locatelli Trio, Elisabeth Wallfisch
Hyperion CDS44241-3

Fascinating inventive works, showing their little-known composer as a great deal more than a historical figure. The recording is vividly real and immediate. - The Penguin guide to Compact Discs

This ambitious and beautifully realized set is certainly going to be met with the same enthusiasm as has their previous work...clearly a must for collectors of Baroque music. - Fanfare USA

The performances by the Locatelli Trio respond with spontaneity and expressive warmth to the wide-ranging affects, sometimes playful, at others sober and occasionally harmonically idiosyncratic of these fascinating pieces. Violinist Elizabeth Wallfisch articulates Veracini's melodic line with clarity and communicative charm. - BBC Music Magazine

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