Monday, April 11, 2011

Boyce: Symphonies - London Festival Orchestra, Ross Pople

William Boyce
London Festival Orchestra, Ross Pople
Arte Nova Classics 74321 34032 2

I didn't hesitate when I came across this, especially at the price. Pople has a solid reputation, and the pieces have been standards for years. The music is lightweight and enjoyable - technically early classical (published 1760) but with a strongly Late Baroque cast, and is, not surprisingly, reminiscent of Handel. Much of it was actually written before 1750 and the collection wasn't published till later, when this style of music was already outdated. There's not much more to say - it's not especially profound stuff, just charming. Here it's played on modern instruments; period instruments give this music a bit more grit, which doesn't hurt it one bit.

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